2010 Referral Program and a Blog Makeover! | Twin Cities Child Photographer

Happy New Year everyone!!  2009 was a wonderful year for us and we are SO excited for 2010!  I have a lot of exciting things that I would like to implement this year and one of those is a new referral program!

Did you notice the new look to the blog?  I’m SUPER excited with how it turned out and think Nancy Lary of Monkey Tails did an awesome job!  What you think?

And now onto our other exciting news!  You guys are the number one way that we find new clients, from your wonderful word of mouth.  And since we appreciate you and telling your friends and family about your experiences with us, we want to reward you for that!

So, we’re excited to announce our new referral program!  For those of you that have been referring people to us for the last few months, fear not!  We’ve been keeping track of those for you and you will be able to redeem your referral credits as outlined below as well. 🙂