A boy and his ball | Twin Cities Children’s Photographer

There’s nothing like the bond between a boy and his favorite baseball.  This ball is pretty meaningful to my little man. We went to one of the last Twins games at the Metrodome this fall and had some amazing seats courtesy of my full time job.  So amazing, that we had about 15 or so foul balls fly over our heads!  Now, one would think that it’s an easy feat to catch one of these foul balls, especially when you’re in the 2nd row, but I’ve decided it’s one of the hardest things to do, and that the baseball God’s have to be on your side if you are to become a proud owner of one of these.

Well, one of the many flew *right* past us, and of course, I was distracted by Joe Mauer’s cuteness and not paying attention!  Thankfully, a woman a couple of seats over from us caught it.  She was SO sweet and decided that Tyson was to be the proud new owner of that little ball and gave it to him.  I think it may have only been use for a few short minutes in the game, but it was SO awesome to see the joy on Ty’s face when he got it.  He held onto it so tightly for the rest of the game, and it now has a special place on his shelf in his room next to his other sports momentos.

So, when I wanted to practice on my new seamless paper, I told him I would let him take some pictures with his special baseball.  He quickly decided that he wanted to put on his Twins jersey as well and well, they turned out pretty cute, if I do say so myself!  We now have a fun storyboard that I’m going to get made into a canvas for his new room (when we hopefully move in a couple of months!)

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