All American Girls | Minneapolis Candid Photographer

I was so excited when a good friend of mine called me to ask if I could photograph her daughter and niece while they came up here from Iowa for a day at the American Girl Store at the Mall of America.  You see, I am a total sucker for American Girl dolls.  In fact, I still have my Samantha doll and have been counting down the days when I can break it out and dust if off for my own daughter!  Even though this store has been open for quite some time now, I had not yet been to it and I couldn’t think of a better reason to go than this event!

We started out with brunch and it was amazing how every little detail is thought out for the girls and dolls alike at the bistro!  Made me wish I had brought my own so I could play along!  We had a great brunch!  We then headed out to the shop for the girls to bring their dolls to the hair salon and to pick out some gifts for Santa to bring for each of them.  We were in a sea of pink and I could not have had more fun!

This is such a fun way to document a party or special event for you child.  I know that I never am able to take as many of my own photos at my own children’s events such as this as I would like to be able because I want to enjoy my time with them and not always be behind the camera.  So, we are happy to come and photograph your event for you!  You can contact us at for more information on this style of photography and our rates.

Now, onto the photos of our day at the American Girl Store!

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