Tuesday Tips: 5 Photos Every Parent Must Take

Hey friends!  We are here with another Tuesday Tips for you from our Facebook Page!  We recently did a video on 5 Photos that Every Parent Must Take!  As a photographer, I am passionate about documenting the day to day moments of my kids’ lives!  Looking back at the time when my own children were babies, those day to day photos are some of my favorites now [insert blubbering mama!!].  Whether your baby is 8 days or 18 years old, it’s never too late to document them!  We hope you find our tips helpful and would love to hear what your must-have shots are!

Tuesday Tips: How to take great first day of school photos

Earlier this month, we started a new live video series on our Facebook Page and our IGTV Channel (Instagram TV!).  Our first video was all about how to take the best 1st day of school photos of your kids!  As a mom of a now 4th and 8th grader, I’ve had quite a few years to do this, so I wanted to share the tips and tricks I have picked up that make it fun and memorable for us each year!  Check out the full post on our Facebook page for the link to the printables I mention too!

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MN Newborn Photographer >> Meet Eamon

Twin Cities Newborn Photos

One of my favorite things about meeting these sweet new babies is getting to see how much hair they have! They are all so different! Some are completely bald, and many of them have more hair than my husband! (Shhhh…don’t tell him I said that 🤫) . Eamon had a FULL head of hair and looked so much like his big brother that we photographed as a newborn a few years ago! Loved getting to see this sweet family again!⠀

Twin Cities Newborn Photos

Family Sibling newborn photos

Eagan Newborn Photographer >> New Baby Brother

Lakeville Newborn Photos

It’s always so fun to compare newborns to their bigger siblings when they come to the studio for their session!  Sometimes they look nearly identical, and other times, they are completely opposite!  Weston reminded me a LOT of his bigger brother, but still looked like his own person!  It’s going to be so fun to watch him grow through our Baby’s first year plan!

Lakeville Newborn Photos

Newborn Family studio photos - Ten Tiny Toes

Check out his video birth announcement…

Twin Cities Family Photographer >> Behind the Scenes: 3 Generations

3 Generations of Women photo - Ten Tiny Toes Photography

Have you ever wondered what goes into some of our sessions after the photo shoot? Well, today I’m giving you a sneak peek into my process! Simply swipe left to see three photos of a fun project we worked on for a family wanting to document 3 generations of beautiful women!

THE GOAL: To capture a generational collection of images of Grandma, holding a photo of her daughter, holding a photo of her granddaughter!

STEP 1 ~ We took photos of each of the ladies holding the frame we wanted to use for each photo

Generational photo - Ten Tiny Toes Photography

STEP 2 ~ I then narrowed down and edited my favorite picture of each of the ladies. Took the photo of the granddaughter and copied it into the photo of the daughter’s frame.

Generational photo - Ten Tiny Toes Photography

STEP 3 ~ Take the photo of Daughter & Granddaughter, and copy it into the frame that Grandma is holding! VOILA!

3 Generations of Women photo - Ten Tiny Toes Photography

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my business, if you have questions, let me know in the comments!