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Have you visited yet?  It’s a new website with listings of some fabulous baby photographer’s around the country.  They also have been posting some great, informational articles that I thought would be helpful to anyone that might be looking for a baby photographer (or just a family photographer in general too!)

This article is about how to choose the right baby photographer for you.  I can’t stress how important it is that you find a photographer that you *click* with and that shares your same goals not only budget-wise, but in personality and style as well.  I love forming long lasting relationships with my clients and find that it’s most beneficial for everyone involved when we work well, and easily together.  I strive to provide top notch customer service and bend over backwards for all of my clients to give them an experience that they will never forget and will always remember when enjoying their family’s custom portraits.

I hope that this article helps you to know what to look for when searching for a photographer for your family and that you are able to find a great one to work with for many years to come!

Source: How to Choose a Baby Photographer

What is your style? What do you like? Choosing a baby photographer is a big decision and can involve a significant investment. Here are a few tips to ensure you are satisfied and happy with the end result:

Decide Your Budget Range and Style

The first step in choosing a baby photographer is to decide on a style preference.  Do you prefer a modern look, a classic look, outdoors, indoors, colorful or black and white?  Many photographers have a distinct look, and you may want to consider if their style suits your home décor.  Additionally, prices will vary according to which photographer you choose.  Lower priced photographers will allow you to purchase more prints, while higher-end photographers provide added services such as helping you design custom artwork for your home.  So keep your style preference and budget at the top of your mind, as feeling confident about these two factors will help you be more efficient in your search for the perfect photographer.

Research Baby Photographers Online

The second step in choosing a baby photographer is to browse the websites of photographers in your area.  Make a list of a few artists who are compatible with your style and your budget. As a general rule, photographers will most often display their best photos online to attract potential clients. If you don’t like what you see on the website, chances are high that you might not like their work in person.

Call Your Baby Photographer Choices and Narrow the List

Once you have a list of your top choices, call the photographers to determine if you “click” with them on a personal level.  After all, this person will play an integral role in documenting your family history, so you want to ensure you like them.  Be open and communicative about your wishes, needs and budget ideas.  Get a “feel” for the energy, the setting and the photographer’s ideas, take your time and make the right decision.

Know Your Photography Goals

A reputable and professional baby photographer will try and determine your goals and needs to ensure they provide you with the best possible service.  Questions you may want to be able to answer include:

  • Are you looking for custom wall art or something smaller to document this particular time?  This answer can play a major factor in your choice as you might invest in a higher-end photographer for your wall art and try various styles for your smaller prints.
  • What is your priority and main goal of booking this session?
  • Will this photo begin or follow an established family tradition? If it follows a family tradition, ensure you explain your needs fully or provide visual examples.

Remember, establishing a relationship and communicating your goals is the best step to success in hiring the ideal baby photographer for you. Follow these simple rules and you will be on your way to displaying a gorgeous new portrait of your child in your home.