Essential Oils 101: Lavender >> Young Living Essential Oils

I’m so excited to share my love for Lavender oil with you today!  Lavender was actually the very first oil I started out with.  I had seen a homemade bath salts recipe from one of my favorite blogs and decided to give it a go and became addicted to oils not too long after!  We use lavender every single day in our house!

Lavender Oil

5 Ways we use Lavender

  1. I personally use 6 drops every night as part of my allergy bomb capsules.  Haven’t taken a single Zyrtec since I started ingesting my oils for pet allergies!
  2. Any minor cuts, scrapes or bug bites – we go right for our lavender!  The kids LOVE the smell of it too!
  3. In our homemade bath salts.  It instantly gives you the relaxation you crave in the bath!
  4. In our diffuser anytime we need to calm and chill out a little 🙂
  5. On scars!  I’ve got a decent sized scar on my hand that I’ve been treating with it as it’s been known to reduce the appearance of scars over time!

Lavender is the most versatile essential oil and comes as part of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and Everyday Oils set!

Essential Oils 101 Class is Scheduled!

We will be having an Essential Oils 101 class on April 23rd at the studio for anyone that is interested in learning more about how to use the oils and to try 11 Everyday Essential oils!  Find all of the details and RSVPhere.

If you would like more information on how to purchase your own Lavender or to learn more about these amazing oils, please contact me via email at or you can order directly online here. Feel free to post your questions in the comments below as well!  Happy oiling!