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Peace & Calming is one of those oils that you’ll thank me for later, especially if you have children!  There are SO many uses for this amazing oil blend from Young Living!  It is a blend of Tangerine, Organe, Ylang Ylang, Patchoile and Blue Tansy oil.  Not only does it smell amazing, but it is amazing to calm the crazy in our household!
Peace & Calming Graphic


5 Ways we use Peace & Calming

  1. Every night before bed, we apply to each of our kids’ bottom of their fee. It has nearly eliminated my 9 year old’s sleepwalking!  The nights we forget to do it, he almost always sleep walks!  It also knocks me out within 10 minutes of my head hitting the sheet when for years I struggled to fall asleep quickly!
  2. Rub it on the outside of ears to calm busy bodies and minds.
  3. Diffuse it in our main living areas when the kids get home after school or after dinner when we need to wind down.
  4. Apply to wrists when stressed out to help relieve tension and stress.
  5. Add to our bath salts for a nice relaxation bath.

Peace and Calming is one oil you can’t live without and comes as part of the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and Everyday Oils set!  Get started with Young Living today and order your very own Premium Starter Kit!

June Essential Oils 101 Class is Scheduled!

We will be having an Essential Oils 101 class on Sunday, June 8th at the studio again for anyone that is interested in learning more about how to use the oils and to try 11 Everyday Essential oils!  Find all of the details and RSVP here.

If you would like more information on how to purchase or to learn more about these amazing oils, please contact me via email at or you can order directly online here. Feel free to post your questions in the comments below as well!  Happy oiling!