Learning to Click Camera Workshop :: Basic Photography Workshops for Moms

Registration for our next Learning to Click workshop is now open!  Here are all of the details and information on the course and how to signup!

**It’s important to note that this course will not be covering any information about starting a photography business, advanced photography or Photoshop instruction; but rather is focused on the everyday shooting aspect of your life, learning the basic concepts of using your camera and proper exposure.  If you’re looking for information on taking your photography to a more professional level, this course is probably not best suited for you.  

Learning to Click Workshop Details

When:  Sunday, May 5th from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Where: Eden Prairie, MN

What’s included:

  • Hands on assistance and instruction from Amy Lemaniak (Canon shooter) & Annie Torrini (Nikon shooter)
  • Lunch!  We will take a short break and lunch will be provided.
  • 60+ page Workbook for you to take home, detailing all of the lessons that we will be covering and for you to refer back to after the workshop as you’re practicing at home.
  • Child model for last hour of the class to practice what we’ve learned
  • A whole new set of skills to take your photographs to the next level!

Required Equipment:

  • DSLR Camera (Canon or Nikon are the most common, but other brands are welcome too!)
  • User Manual that came with your camera
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 50mm fixed lens. The 50mm’s are a very affordable lens and can be purchased on Amazon for Canon and Nikon.  Please bring your kit or basic zoom lens if you do not have the 50mm lens
  • Optional: A speedlight/flash for your camera.  Many of your cameras will already have this built in.  We will only briefly be touching on flash.  The majority of our shooting will be done in natural/available light.
Cost: Workshop cost is $145 per person and is due at the time of registration.  Tuition is fully refundable up to two weeks prior to theworkshop.  Any cancellations within 2 weeks of the Workshop will receive a $50 refund.
This workshop will be capped at 10 participants to ensure that we have ample time to give individualized attention to everyone.  We are happyto add you to the waiting list should the class fill up!
Questions? Please contact us at amy@tentinytoesphoto.com if you have any additional questions!  We look forward to helping you learn to click!

This workshop will be capped at 10 participants  (as of this blog posting we have 7 spots remaining) to ensure that we have ample time to give individualized attention to everyone.  We are happy to add you to the waiting list should the class fill up!

How to Register: You can register by clicking here to pay your Tuition and reserve your spot.  Registrations will be on a first come first served basis.

Questions? Please contact us at amy@tentinytoesphoto.com if you have any additional questions!  We look forward to helping you learn to click!