Matilda Jane Virtual Trunk Show >> Spring 2014 Matilda Jane Release

Join us for a Virtual Trunk show with Matilda Jane!  Release 2 of the new 2014 Spring line came out on Saturday and it will NOT disappoint!  Here are all the detail on how to order…  We will also match every $1 spent with a credit to our studio for your future session!

View the entire Wonderful Parade line here! (but you can order from any of the current MJ collections)

To order online simply:
1) go online to

2) add items to your Wish List.

3) when finished, submit your wish list to me, by filling in your name, phone, email, and my email where it says “Send to a Trunk Keeper”. Jessica’s email address is: Make sure to add AMY LEMANIAK to the Jane name so we get credit.

4) You can pay by credit card or check. For credit card Jessica will call you when she is placing the order to get your info. She does shred any and all credit card numbers upon entering them into the system. For a check, you can give it to Amy and make it out to Jessica Flosi for the entire total with shipping if you would like your order shipped (add 4 dollars to the total that your wish list will give you).

5) All of your items will come directly to Amy and she will get them to you!

6) Any questions please contact Jessica at or 518-469-8168.  In case you need it Jessica’s trunk number is 686

*Do not forget that Matilda Jane offers a ton of great options for women as well, so if you do not have kids or you are the mom of boys, there is plenty for you to choose from!!*


Matilda Jane Trunk Show Spring 2014