Mom Rocks Giveaway Winner! | Twin Cities Family Photography

Mother's Day photography session giveaway

To say this contest was amazing would be the biggest understatement of the year.  I went back and forth trying to figure out a way to choose a winner, because all of our nominations were incredible and definitely deserving.  In the end, I had a close knit group of professional women photographers that I am a part of help me decide and vote and we have our winner!

Congratulations to Chrissie Patel!! Chrissie, you are the winner of our Mom Rocks Giveaway!  Your prize package includes:

  • 30 minute mini session and 5 digital images of your choice ($575 value)
  • $30 Gift Certificate to Baby Banou
  • $50 Gift Certificate to any Moms on the Run Fitness Class
  • Spa quality products from BeautiControl

Here is why Chrissie rocks and I know you will all agree that she is amazing!

I would normally never nominate myself for something like this, but after having the most trying and telling year and a half of my life for the first time ever I am finding myself in the position to say, “hey, I deserve this!”. Seriously though, any mom would right! But in the last year I have been dealing with a pretty serious neurological disease that has attempted to steal not only my outward beauty but, my spirit as well. I have fought so strongly against it to care for my beautiful daughters, and because it is exascerbated by emotional stress life has fed it it’s greatest meal. Since being diagnosed 15 months ago my special angel Lydia who is almost 3 has been diagnosed with autism. She gives me such great joy and along with her sister Lucy keep me fighting everyday for the faith, hope, and strength to endure pain levels that are listed as more painful than natural childbirth. My illness threatens my mobility so anyday that I can hold them is my best day. They are such happy beautiful babies so I love my life with them so much, because of the lessons they teach me. Life is so precious and surprisingly enough it’s not just my illness or Lydias autism that has made me realize that, it truly was losing my dad a few months ago that taught me that and exactly how strong I truly am. His loss put me in the hospital and I came out so renewed and feeling so blessed that no matter how grimm my situation may seem to some that my girls and I are so loved by one another that I would love this opportunity to capture that as it is something that we could not afford for ourselves. I’ve seen your photography from the work you’ve done for my cousins girls and it’s beautiful and honest. I know whoever you choose will be deserving, but I’ve realized that in life you need to take a chance and leap sometimes to grab hold of something you deserve. So here I go as I hit submit, I am taking a chance! Thank you for your time!

So, please join me in congratulating Chrissie on being our winner and I cannot thank of you that nominated one of the amazing women in your life!  I definitely see this giveaway becoming an annual event! 🙂  Thank you so very much to our amazing prize donors as well!  Please click on their links above and show them some love!