Motherhood Musing: A Shocking Mom Moment >> Twin Cities Child Photographer

This month’s Motherhood Musing Story comes from our Studio Manager, Amy!

This happened a couple of years ago when my boys were 3 and 5. I was having one of those typical Mom days, where you have a million things going on and I was on my own. So I sent the boys to my youngest boys room and they were in there about a half hour or so and I thought “What damage could they do in a kids room?” And so as I was doing my housework, Gavin my 5 year old comes downstairs and says, ” Mom, you are going to be so mad when you see what Brecken did!” Don’t you just love how he throws his younger brother under the bus?!

And this is what I see!!!



They (I found out later they both had a hand in this) had pushed out the window screen and threw about 25+ books out on to the roof of the house! I couldn’t believe it!?!? I was in so much shock and fear that they did this I couldn’t even punish them. I was literally speechless! I sent them out of the room and then immediately took pictures, because I knew had to share this unbelievable story!!  After the fact, my husband and I did talk to them about the dangers of this…well as much as you could with a 3 and 5 year old anyways. 😉

So the moral of my story is, “Don’t leave your kids unattended EVER!” HA!

Here is a current picture of the little trouble makers from our session with Annie last fall.


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