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We have been loving all of our mama’s keeping it real for our Motherhood Musings blog posts!  Nikki is giving us her works of advice for a new/soon to be mom:
So many people have opinions and advice to give to new or soon to be moms.  I know I was bombarded with advice of what to do and what not to do that it got so overwhelming.  So my main advice is do what feels right to you!  There is no right or wrong way to do things.  What may work for one will not work for someone else.20120611_OW_007
So I will share a list of a few of my must haves that I used with both of my girls.
  1. Aiden & Anais swaddle blankets
  2. Aiden & Anais bibs
  3. Rock n Play bassinet
  4. Mam nuks
  5. Bundle me car seat cover
  6. Sophie the teething giraffe
  7. A great diaper bag because it will be your purse!
  8. Jammies with zippers instead of buttons
  9. Sleep sacks
  10. Frida Nose sucker
  11. A good bottle of wine!!
I honestly got so much advice on so many different products and items to get and while it can be fun to get everything (I totally did with my first babe) I found that I barely used half of the stuff.  Get the necessities.  It sounds very cliche but really all they need is you.  They need to be fed, changed and snuggled.  And snuggle them a lot!  Because one day, much sooner than you’d like, the snuggles get less and pretty soon you have a 4 year old and 2 year old.  Not sure how that happened!
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