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Today we bring some sage advice from Jennifer, one of most hilarious women we know!  Amy was a cheerleader with her back in her Hill-Murray days and we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph her 2 beautiful boys since the time they were born!
What advice would you give to a new/soon to be mom?
Newborn Family Photo - Ten Tiny Toes
BE FLEXIBLE, OPEN-MINDED, AND PATIENT.  Everything you THINK you know about being a parent changes when your child arrives.  Suddenly your child is not conforming to the way you thought.  Your child is winning battles and outwitting your rules.  You think, “This is not how it is supposed to go!  It’s not how I envisioned it!”  I have found that parenting is a PROCESS.  I have found that enforcing behavior and rules does not happen at once.  It is constantly evolving and that process can be extremely draining.  Once in a great while you find yourself giving in to your child’s tantrums due to it being easier and being on “survival-mode.”  I have learned to stop being so hard on myself during those times.  Mommies are human – not machines!  Be kind to yourself and acknowledge that being a mom is the HARDEST BUT MOST REWARDING JOB IN THE WORLD!
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