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We have started a new blog series about motherhood (featuring stories, advice and other “Motherhood Musings”). We have enlisted the help of some of our new, current and past clients who also happen to be “Mothers” and are generously sharing their experiences with us. We hope you enjoy our Motherhood Musings!

Lakeville Newborn Photos - Ten Tiny Toes PhotographyWhat’s one embarrassing mom moment you’ve had?
I’ve been very blessed with great milk production but I didn’t realize how great with my first baby. It was summer, my son was just around two months so my milk was most definitely in and I had these breasts that people usually paid for. It was August in MN. Very hot, very humid. I was nursing so I would only wear nursing tanks. ONLY nursing tanks. One evening I had an opportunity to go to Target. By myself! I glanced in the mirror. Was clear of spit-up and poop and out the door I went. I had time to myself so I shopped! While I was browsing the baby aisle/clothes I heard a baby’s cry the next aisle over. My breasts began to tingle but I really didn’t think anything of it because I was a new, nursing mom. I continued to shop. It wasn’t until I got back home an hour or so later that my husband greeted me at the door and noticed my nursing tank/top was all wet. Conveniently wet in two very specific areas. I had leaked milk. Probably when I heard that baby cry in the baby aisle. And I walked around Target and I then realized that’s why people were looking at me. I went back to Target the next day, baby in tow and purchased a lot of nursing pads. A lot. Lesson learned.
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