My Own | Twin Cities Children’s Photographer

Sometimes my shooting schedule gets so busy (especially with the coming fall months) that I neglect to take shots of my own two kids.  Since it had been a while since I had done a session with the two of them together, I thought this summer would be a great opportunity to do so.  My goal going into this was to get enough photos to do a wall gallery at the landing that goes upstairs in our house.  I knew I wanted it to be bright and summery, something that would make us feel cheerful and happy when it’s -30 in January.  🙂

I found the perfect dress for Bailey at Baby Banou (they ROCK at helping you find the perfect outfit for any occasion!) and coordinated Tyson around the dress, which I was pretty excited about how it all came together.  I will admit that I had this all ready to go in June.  But of course June was a pretty wet month, and knowing I wanted sunny, hazy images, clouds just weren’t going to cut it.  So we waited…and we waited for the heat waves to pass.  Finally in late July, we had a perfect Sunday night upon us.  I dragged my husband along to help carry chairs to one of my favorite locations an hour or two before sunset and off we went!

The entire session only took about 30 minutes or so (they had enough!) but I was pretty excited about the images we had gotten and have now finally had a chance to edit and order them!

Here are some of my favorites!

Brother and sister outdoor portraits

Funny side story: The morning of the day we took these, my son had his first wiggly tooth.  I begged him to wait until after the pictures to eat the apple that he was sure would get the tooth out, but of course he didn’t wait, and well, I’ll let the next photo tell you how that went.  🙂  Now that I look back though…I’m glad it fell out that day, because I will always remember it every time I look at these images of him!  🙂

Sibling photographs

Here is the wall gallery mock up I ended up getting.  I need to take some shots of it actually hanging, but it looks pretty much exactly like this!  I love how it turned out!