Nap Time | Eagan Lifestyle Photographer

Most afternoons in our house are spent with my son outside playing with the neighbors, my daughter napping and me working in my office.  Well, every once in a while, my two year old decides she’s not going to nap.  Normally, I’m super frustrated with this decision of hers, but one afternoon I decided to throw in the towel on working while she screamed in her room (yes, we let her scream sometimes 🙂 ) and got her up.  She was super crazy and so I asked her if she wanted to go and jump on our bed, of cours she said yes and I was happy to snap away!

I haven’t been picking up the camera as much for candid moments as I should be lately, I really want to try and do that more, especially with these last few weeks of summer winding down before school is back in session.  Here’s to a wonderful, summer weekend!