New Beginnings | Rosemount MN Child Photographer

We’ve had a big week at our house!  Our oldest started Kindergarten this week!  These kinds of milestones are always so bittersweet as a parent.  You’re so excited for your children to grow up and take those next steps in life, but at the same time, it really makes you realize how quickly this whole time flies by.  I think that’s what I’ve realized the most these last couple of weeks.  That the time just goes by WAY too fast and I’m sure before I know it, we’ll be moving him into college.  But all of this does completely reiterate why I’m a photographer.  🙂  I cherish photos of him as a baby and toddler now more than ever!

Just thought it would be fun to share a few shots from his big day yesterday.  I haven’t had a ton of time to share personal stuff on my blog, but I’m really trying to do more of that to help you all get to know me and my family a bit better!

First day of school photos