New Service Offered: In-Person Styling with Pish&Posh Style Guild >> Twin Cities Photographer

BIG NEWS! Taci, our stylist from Pish&Posh Style Guild has announced that she will be opening limited spots for in-person styling! Some of you may have previously been her testers for this new service. Here are some Q and A’s regarding this new service we are offering:


Shop along styling with Kim

Q: What is Shop Along Styling? 
In the past Taci has offered styling services with you over the phone or via email exchange providing links and a style board. With this service she will meet you and spend 2hrs either at the mall or in your home shopping items you’ll love or items you have! She’ll show you new ways to update your wardrobe and how to choose items that are best for your natural look.

Q: What are the perks?
Our goal with Taci’s services has always been to save you time! A major perk of this approach is that it can save you even more time and the selections will be right in front of you! Our styling via email can often run over a few weeks. This way you’ll grab everything you need or if we are at your home, you’ll have it all put together and will basically be done. There may be a few things you need to pick up afterward but it will be simple and hands on ! And it will be lots of fun!

Q: Is there anyone this won’t work for?
Taci will be opening just a few spots a month for this service (at least for now). It may be that due to your schedules, the two of you just can’t sync up. That’s fine! Our traditional styling via email is still an awesome service that many photographers are not willing to offer.

Q: Sounds pretty awesome, is it expensive?
Not at all! But you know what is expensive? Photos of yourself that you don’t even like. Time spent shopping when you don’t know what you want. Clothing that you bought when you have the same thing at home. Shopping trips that result in clothing you’ll never wear again…
It’s been astoundingly clear to us that you, our amazing clients, are happier when you have a second opinion steering you toward items that are perfect for YOU.
Taci’s in person styling will be an added cost above our usual session fee. She will charge $75 for stylings at a store or mall (typically 2 hrs in store and email to discuss preliminary styling.) She also offers an in person styling at $125 to come shop or reorganize your closet.

Q: How long is an in-person styling?
Because Taci also has little ones at home and understands YOU are busy, she says 2hrs with a few minutes at the end is all she needs. That means before you shop together there may be some email collaboration to make best use of the time and you may have to shop your options together and try them on later if you plan to hit a lot of stores. And also you may sit down for coffee after the styling time to discuss your findings but plan that you will get one hour of her undivided style eye.

Q: How do clients book and pay for these services?
Within the questionnaire form that you submit with each session will be a drop down menu allowing you to select that you are interested in in-person styling. This means you understand there will be an additional charge. You will receive an invoice via Paypal from Pish&Posh Style Guild at which time you will schedule your mall shopping date/closet shopping date with Taci and get started!


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