{Newborn Safety Week} Keeping Comfy :: Woodbury Newborn Photographer

One of my favorite things about newborn sessions is the ability to try new things.  I get such inspiration from seeing other amazing newborn photographers latest work and the possibilites seem to be endless with the amount of creativity and originality that you can incorporate into a newborn session.  I love incorporating a few props into newborn sessions, but it’s important to find that careful balance to ensure that the focus remains on the baby and not all about the props.

Along that same line is the importance of the baby being comfortable and looking comfortable in every shot.  We take great time and care to make sure our babies are plenty warm and cozy, have a full belly and are content during our sessions.  Not all babies will let you do every pose you want to try and it’s important to follow their lead and listen to their cues to know when they look and feel uncomfortable.

Parents (both new and experienced) are entrusting us with the most precious thing in their life and at a very fragile time.  It is imperative that we do everything we can to ensure that their new baby is safe and comfortable throughout their session.  They are tiny little people, not props themselves.  🙂

Now for a brief share of those comfy, cozy little babies that I can never seem to get enough of!