On the Move | Stillwater Baby Photography

I just love this little guy.  We first met him back last fall for his amazing newborn session and he’s still as charming as ever!  At 7 months, he was on.the.move and was crawling everywhere in the studio!  While we had a lot of “action” shots, we did manage to get some great captures of him during a few of his brief pauses.  It was such a gorgeous day out too that we headed out to the grass for a few shots outside.  It felt SO amazing to finally be back outside again!

Hopefully we will be seeing much more of the sun soon!  Lots of sessions coming up where we’re hoping to be outdoors.  🙂

M family, it’s always a pleasure seeing you and I’m so happy you loved the photos!  Can’t wait to do it again soon!natural light studio baby at 7 months

6 month baby photosbaby photos outside in grass