A new approach to preschool portraits…

Are you tired of the same, boring preschool photos year after year from that high volume portrait company with cheesy backgrounds?  We’re passionate about ensuring the personality of each child is captured in not only their personal portraits, but their school portraits as well!

There’s a better way to do preschool portraiture and we’re excited to show you how!

“I was dreading taking my twins to a photographer so I was relieved when I found out Ten Tiny Toes was coming to their daycare. Not only were their individual photos beautiful, but their sibling photos were excellent as well. Never imagined my children looking at the camera at the same time! Great work! Highly recommend!”

“One set of my parents are photographers for the Wild, Vikings and Twins. The Mom said..” This picture of Bennett is as good as it gets! She does great work!”

“A new program by Ten Tiny Toes Photography with our preschool this year, and we enjoyed the results! Able to capture the great smiles without looking forced!”

Outdoor Option

We know kids love to be outdoors!  There’s something about being outside that just relaxes them and makes them full of joy!  We love to do our preschool portrait outdoors as an option!


Studio Option

If you’d prefer a studio look to your preschool images, we offer trendy or classic sets to show off your adorable students and their true smile and personality!


Want us at your school?

We are now booking schools for the Spring and Fall! Contact us today to learn more about our preschool portrait offerings!

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