Product Spotlight: Custom USB Flash Drive Case >> Minneapolis Family Photographer

Living in the digital age that we do, many of our clients opt to purchase printing rights to their favorite images.  In the past, we had offered images on a CD so about a year ago, we were excited to update the way that we deliver your digital images to you!  With this change in technology, it is becoming more common for new laptops and computers to not include CD/DVD drives. Flash/USB drives are replacing CD/DVD’s.

Our custom USB Drive case is a perfect way to store your tiny little flash drive so it doesn’t’ get buried in your desk drawer. It is also a great way to keep track of which session is on the flash drive.

When you order our either of our top two Collections, you will receive this Custom USB case for your digital images. Our clients love displaying them on their shelves and mantles at home!USBDriveCase.jpg


Custom USB and Flash Drive Cases for Photographers