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Tutu’s! Baskets! Hats! Oh my!ATP_9379_Minneapolis Baby Photographer_TenTinyToes

When you come to our studio with your newborn baby, the last thing you  are thinking about is what hat or headband your baby will wear. It was a miracle you arrived on time after a few nights of little sleep!  Since we are a custom boutique photography studio, we pride ourselves on having a large variety of props, hats and accessories for our portrait sessions, so you can sit back and relax !

We have a large selection of knit hats, headbands, neck ties and accessories for both boys and girls in a variety of colors and styles. Honestly, we are a little addicted to all the cuteness ourselves 🙂

We update our stash of props, backdrops, fabrics, and chairs regularly so that we always have a wide variety of items on hand and the latest styles. We love having fresh and new adorable items to try! We love creating new setups for our clients using the perfect basket or toddler sized chair we just picked up!

Upon booking, we ask you to fill out our Client Questionnaire to give us an idea of where your art will be displayed.  Once we know the main color scheme of your nursery and home, we will style your session to coordinate with your home and walls! We also take the time to ensure that all setups coordinate with each other so that no matter which photos you choose to display, you need not worry about whether or not they will look good together on your walls!© Copyright 2014 Ten Tiny Toes

© Copyright 2014 Ten Tiny Toes Photography

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