Sunday Morning Breakfast | Lifestyle Photographer

I am so excited to be taking a Lifestyle Photography Workshop with the amazingly talented Brooke Snow over the next few weeks.  I will be posting my “assignment” shots here, for all to see, so bear with me as I grow and learn this style of photography.  🙂

All week my kiddos had been asking for French Toast for breakfast, and with the crazy week we had, we didn’t have time any of the mornings.  So, I promised them today we would finally make it.  🙂  They love helping out, Bailey has to pull up one of the chairs to the counter (yes, despite there being 3 stools already there!) and big brother loves to crack the eggs and mix everything together.  They each ate two pieces, so I would say it was a success 🙂

I think I have multiple subjects here, most obviously are the kids, but another subject is the french toast too I think!  🙂

There are a few conflicts illustrated as well.  One being Bailey trying to get the chair over to the table and then the various steps of making the french toast as well.  🙂

LIfestyle photography making breakfast