Motherhood Musings: Advice to new moms >> Twin Cities Child Photographer

Today we bring some sage advice from Jennifer, one of most hilarious women we know!  Amy was a cheerleader with her back in her Hill-Murray days and we’ve been fortunate enough to photograph her 2 beautiful boys since the time they were born! What advice would you give to a new/soon to be mom? BE FLEXIBLE, OPEN-MINDED, AND PATIENT.  Everything … Read More

Motherhood Musings: Embarrassing Mommy Moment >> Twin Cities Child Photographer

We have started a new blog series about motherhood (featuring stories, advice and other “Motherhood Musings”). We have enlisted the help of some of our new, current and past clients who also happen to be “Mothers” and are generously sharing their experiences with us. We hope you enjoy our Motherhood Musings! What’s one embarrassing mom moment you’ve had? I’ve been … Read More