Who you looking at? >> Newborn Photo Outtakes

When newborns are awake during their session, we love to capture their beautiful, wide eyes.  But, sometimes they make the most hilarious expressions and faces too!  This is what Brianna thought of us trying to get her back to sleep!  

Laugh Out Loud >> Photo Session Outtakes

During sessions with families, sometimes things get a little silly! Annie’s nephew, Graham, loves to ham it up for the camera!  Photo caption: “When I toot, it sounds like this!”  Happy Friday everyone!  Wishing you all a fun weekend!

You Can’t Always Get What you Want >> Baby Photo Session Outtakes

Any time I capture a great crying or melt down shot, I just about always include it in the gallery and it instantly becomes a favorite! These images are the ones that there will be stories told about and really capture the true stage that our children are at! Brooklyn was just about d.o.n.e. at this point in our session … Read More