Tech Tuesday >> ArtKive App

Happy Tuesday everyone!  We are so excited to kick off another monthly blog series for you all about technology!  Anyone who knows me (Amy) knows what a geek I am at heart.  So I can’t wait to share with you my favorite technology apps, tricks and resources.  When I was thinking about what to post about first, this amazing app came to mind right away!

Do your kids bring home piles and piles of priceless preschool, school and craft creations?  In a perfect world, we would be able to keep all of their little masterpieces perfectly filed away in a beautiful portfolio, but let’s face it, who has room (and time) for that?  I’ve been looking for a system to keep and organize my kids’ artwork and creations for sometime. For me, finding a good system is about ease of use and my ability to USE IT!

18 months ago I attempted to start scanning all of their stuff into the computer, but I quickly discovered that not everything fit on my 8.5×11″ scanner bed and I lost some of the 3-dimensional quality of their work too.  Plus, it was just too darn time consuming to have to sit down and scan it all in…

If this sounds at all familiar, I can’t wait to introduce you to an app that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE (well, at least the life of your kids’ artwork!)  ArtKive has changed everything for us!!  So, what is ArtKive?  Simply put, it’s a digital portfolio of your childs’ artwork that is easy to use and share!

Let’s take a look…

Here is my current “artkive” for my daughter, Bailey.  She’s the budding artist in our family, so every week she brings home a plethora of arts & crafts from preschool and not to mention everything she creates in her craft room!  Every week when her folder comes home, I empty it out and gather the pieces that are artkive-worthy and head over to the kitchen table to photograph them.  When setting up your account when you first configure your app, you simply setup a profile for each child and it will create a set of albums with their name, year in school or age!  I love the tagging system they use, makes everything easy to access and organize!


When I’m ready to add her latest creations, I simply click “Add Picture” and take the photo with my iPhone camera and it brings me to this next screen where I can tag, label and give more detail to the image if I’d like.  Sometimes I’ll name them if there are certain names she’s given to them (for example, we didn’t quite know what this one was at first and we were promptly informed that it was fish with seaweed 🙂 )  I like that I can also tag it either with her age (if it was created at home) or which year of school it was created in.


Then, simply save your image and you can also share it with your circle of emails you’ve setup if you’d like or on social media!

Here is a look at the finished product once it’s all “artkived” 🙂


So, now that you have a digital archive of the art, what should you do with it?  Well, ArtKive has taken it to the next level and they make it extremely easy to print books and other keepsake products of your art!  My plan is to print a book at the end of each school year containing the creations of that year.  I really have no excuse now not to keep up on it, because it’s just that easy!

Visit the ArtKive website or download the app for iOS or Android.