Tech Tuesday >> Feedly

Today’s Tech Tuesday post is for all of you blog readers out there!  When I first started following blogs, I immediately fell in love with Google Reader (because I’m obsessed with all things Google!).  Well, Google decided to discontinue their Reader service in 2013 and that left me high and dry for a good blog feed tool until I discovered Feedly!

Simply put, Feedly is a news/blog feed application giving you multiple applications for both mobile and desktop devices, as well as a cloud based way of accessing your favorite sites and blogs!  The basic version of Feedly is free and I love that with one seamless login, I can access all of the blogs I follow in one place no matter which iPad, iPhone or computer I’m at!

Here’s a quick peek at why my feed looks like… I love that you can setup categories to keep things more organized.  It also only shows sites that have unread posts in this list,

leaving less visual clutter to sort through.

Feedly Blog Reader - Ten Tiny Toes

To the right is all of my unread feeds.  From here I can easily bookmark the ones I want to save to read later, expand the ones I want to read now, and X out the ones I don’t care to read to mark them as read.  So easy and QUICK to use!

Feedly Blog Reader - Ten Tiny Toes

And here is a what a blog post looks like (one of our posts!).  I love the clean, simple format that it presents, keeping my attention on where it is meant to be!

Feedly Blog Reader

Adding new content to Feedly is easy too!  Simply click “Add Content” and copy and paste the link of the site you want to add or search for it in their database!

Start using Feedly now >> Feedly for iOS >> Feedly for Android