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With the digital age that we live in, it’s more important than ever to secure your digital media and documents in the event of a computer crash or other hazard!  As a professional photography studio, we take the responsibility of storing our clients’ images very seriously!  After several years of trying out various online backup solutions we have found one that happens to be Minnesota based and is a great fit for our storage needs!  Meet CrashPlan!


We’ve been using CrashPlan for well over a year now to store our personal and professional files in the cloud as a backup.  While we keep our local working copies of our images stored on a large external Drobo drive, it’s always very important to have an off-site backup of your files as well in case of fire or flood!  This is where CrashPlan comes in!  It seamlessly runs in the background of your computer when it’s on.  After installing and telling it which folders you’d like it to backup, you don’t need to do anything else but sit back and let it do the rest!  It knows when you’re actively using your machine, so it will use less computer memory during those times and more when you are inactive for faster backups.

The initial backup can take upwards of a couple of weeks depending on how much data you have to backup (we have about 2 TB of backups), but the faster your internet connection the faster your backup will be!

Our absolutely favorite features of CrashPlan are the fact that it will NEVER delete your backups.  Other backup services we’ve used in the past have only kept the last 30 days of backups, forcing us to leave all of our external drives plugged in at all times.  With CrashPlan we no longer need to do this!  CrashPlan will also backup your External Drives!

For a full overview of all of CrashPlan’s features, click HERE.

In the event the worst should happen and you have a computer drive failure or crash and need to restore your files, they offer seamless file restoration options!  We’ve needed to utilize this service more than once and it’s such a huge relief to know everything is safe and secure with them!

So, how much will all of this set you back?  Not much at all!  Individual Computer backups start at just $4/month and the plan we use for multiple computer backups starts at just $9/month!  They offer a free trial, so you have nothing but your piece of mind to lose!!

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