Three Beautiful Sisters | White Bear Lake Children’s Photographer

It’s time like these when I find myself wondering how I got so lucky.  How is it possible that I’m getting paid to do what I absolutely love most?  I can’t explain the feeling and the rush that I get when I have a session like this, it’s almost a high of sorts.  Whatever it is, I thank God every day that I have discovered this passion and that I am blessed enough to be able to share it with others.

This wonderful session was done at the B family’s home.  I absolutely love having sessions at my clients’ homes because it seems that’s where everyone is most comfortable.  The kids are happy and excited to be playing and mom and dad are always more laid back too.  Plus, it’s fun for me to see where they live and play every day, and helps me better understand who they are and to get to know them better.

They have the 3 most beautiful blonde haired, blue eyed girls.  While all three of them have very unique personalities from each other, they all fit together perfectly like pieces of a puzzle to make one of the most enjoyable families I have yet to meet.  Mom and Dad were so much fun too.  Dad made some awesome leaf piles that the girls were playing in and that we used for a lot of our photos!

Thank you B family for welcoming me into your home letting me capture your girls last weekend.  I had an amazing time and I hope you enjoy these photos for many years to come.  Here’s your sneak peek!

White Bear Lake Child Photography

White Bear Lake Family Photographer