Tips for a Successful Photo Session: Ages and Stages >> Twin Cities Child Photographer

Different ages. Different stages. Children change so much in just a matter of months! Every age comes with it’s great new stages of growth and changes in personalities.

Here is a guide on what to expect from your child at your session beyond the baby’s first year!

Cake Smash 1 year old photo

1 year olds are so fun to photograph! They are so smiley and sweet at this age…..not to mention fun to dress up! Expect that they most likely will not want to be held for very long and they will be on the move during your session. We love to catch kids as they explore so feel free to let your little one do what they gotta do. They most likely will not want to sit on the prop for very long either. We will take it in stride and work with your child during the session.


2 and 3 years- Expect that they also might want to explore a little bit but they are also a little easier to compromise with in most cases. We have several tricks up our sleeves that work great to get their attention and cooperation. Since their attention spans tend to be shorter, be sure to check out our Demi Session. A Demi Session is a 30 minute session offered to you year round. They are perfect for this age group!


4 to 6 years – This age group is a delight to shoot. They are generally ready for fun and listen very well. One thing that does get a little trickier is the “fake smile.” We generally try to play a fun game with them during the session so they can relax a little. They love to help pick out their outfits so be sure to have their input on what they like to wear. That way they will feel more excited to show off their adorableness.


8 to 10 years – Expect 100% cooperation but a little more resistance to their real smile. Most kids this age love to have pictures taken of themselves and will most likely have some great ideas on poses. It is best for us to work with any ideas that they have so they can feel comfortable. They are also great when they take pictures with their family and siblings.

We love seeing our clients every year so that we can watch as your child changes and grows!