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Twin Cities Child PhotographerYour session is booked! You are very excited to get some new pictures but in the back of your head you think, “What if my child doesn’t cooperate and the session doesn’t go as planned?”

It is a good idea to tell your child a couple of days before the session that they get to meet Amy/Annie. Don’t tell them too far in advance or they will ask you EVERY day if today is picture day. Feel free to bring up the About Us page on our website. That way they can see who they are going to meet. Tell them how fun we are and how we are going to have a great time.

It is actually best NOT to talk too much about how they need to behave before they even get out of the car. If you tell a kid that they can do this but can’t do that, they get a little confused when they are sitting in front of us. They feel like they have to perform for mom and dad. It is best to just say it is going to be fun and let us work our magic.

Being coached before a session can go one of two ways. It can lead to stiff posed pictures when what you really want is a natural expression or the child will completely rebel and act like he ate sugar packets on the way. You know your kids best so keep in mind their personality.

Another thing that works great is to let us know if your child has quirks that we should know about. Some kids respond well to goofy behavior, others don’t. Some kids respond well to knowing they will get a surprise at the end of the sessions, others don’t. It is good for us to have a general idea of their personality before the session.

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