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We are working on some new monthly blog series here at Ten Tiny Toes to make your portrait experience with us the best that it can be!  We’d love to have you join us each month as we share tips, tricks and hints on how to have the best session possible!  

I know the stress of getting pictures taken. Picking out the photographer, getting outfits ready, getting yourself and 3 little people ready the day of the session can be overwhelming. There are baths, painted nails, makeup, curling irons, and usually a few bonus acts of chaos thrown at you. My daughter actually puked in her hands when we got in the car for last years session because she “had a hair going down her throat.” Fun. She still looks pretty darn cute!

Outdoor Child Photograph - Ten Tiny Toes Photography

It is best to leave what happened before the session in the car. A quick family pep talk, some knock knock jokes or blasting music in the mini van will get everyone in a better mood. Another thing that helps is to go around and have each person say one thing that they love about each other. Get the positive vibes going. It also helps Mom and dad forget about the stress of the day if they proclaim their love for each child right before everyone is expected to smile for one hour.

Over the years, I have found that there is one major factor that helps a session go well…..having Dad excited about having pictures taken. Ladies, make sure that you are open with Dad about pricing, where the location is, and what it is that you want most from the session. If you have the vision of a picture of your husband with the kids to give to Grandma, tell him that at some point you are planning on throwing three kids on him in the middle of a field! It is best to set expectations before, so Dad knows what he is in for and doesn’t feel put on the spot.

Outdoor Dad & Child Photograph - Ten Tiny Toes Photography

It is also a good idea to tell your husband how he can help you as you all are getting ready. We have had sessions before where my husband has had to meet us there. That did not go well.  I was frazzled, tired and sweaty by the time he pulled up in his truck….a few minutes late. It was hard to have a smiling love fest when you feel like you needed help but I had never asked.

I have shot hundreds of sessions over the last six years and I promise that your session will go great if all expectations are communicated before the dance party in the mini van is over.

Be sure to check back for more posts with tips on how to make the most of your photo session with us!

Next up… How to talk to your kids before your session. Don’t miss it!

Annie (Child & Family Photographer)
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