What to do with your Monthly Baby photos >> Baby’s First Year Photographer

We’re all guilty of it!  We take a million photos on our phones, and never print them for anyone else to enjoy.  I feel like, as a photographer, I am the most guilty of it even though it’s my passion for my clients!  Taking monthly baby photos with the same stuffed animal, or the pin on monthly markers is a very popular trend right now and it’s such a fantastic way to document your baby’s growth from month to month!  But, what is your plan for those photos?  Are they going to live on your phone forever and risk getting deleted when your phone falls into the lake?

We have the PERFECT solution for them!  We were chatting with one of our favorite clients at her ordering session about her monthly milestone photos she had of each of her 2 children and she expressed interest in somehow displaying them in our beautiful Organic Bloom frames.  I told her to email the images to me and I would take care of everything!  She was SO excited!  We created two beautiful collages of each of her monthly baby photos and they are now going to display beautifully in her office next to each other!

We know projects like this can be overwhelming, sometimes you don’t even know where to start.  We love projects like this and love to make it easy for you to enjoy your images, that’s where our passion is!  Photos are meant to be SEEN and ENJOYED, not living on your phone!

And, you don’t need to be local to us for us to create this beautiful keepsake for you.  Contact us for details and a quote for your own Monthy Milestone Display!

Here’s the finished product!

monthly baby photos display