Woman’s Best Friends | Burnsville Portrait Photography

My friend Julie is the owner of an awesome company called MadDog Delivers.  They are a food and pet supply delivery service in the Twin Cities and they’re celebrating their second anniversary already!  If you’ve ever found yourself running to the pet store late at night because you’ve just realized you’ve run out of dog food, then be sure to check out Julie’s services!  She is able to offer higher quality pet foods than the chain stores and the best part, is that it is delivered right to your door free of charge!

In honor of MadDog’s second anniversary, she asked me to take some shots of her for her About Me section of her website.  She has 2 adorable Doberman’s, one of which was a rescue from Doberman Rescue and she wanted to capture her relationship with them in her photos.

So, here are Julie and her girls and be sure to check out MadDog Delivers!

Julie Sneak Peek