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One of the unique parts of the client experience with our studio is the opportunity to have an in person ordering session!  Today we’re going to share with you all about our ordering sessions!Our custom ordering session will help you every step of the way so that you can get exactly what YOU want as a result from your session. We go through each Collection so that you fully understand what is best for you and make a recommendation based on which products are most important to you. Everyone has different needs. Some want to start a wall collage, some want to give gifts to family, some want to be able to print their pictures at the lab we recommend, and some want the cutest baby albums!  Whatever it is that you are looking for from your session, we are here to help every step of the way.Cluster 1_Minneapolis Baby Photographer_TenTinyToesThe ordering session takes place in the studio 2-3 weeks after your session. You will get a chance to sneak a peek at the gallery through an online slideshow the day before we meet and you can also share that slideshow with your family & friends. We feel this gives you the time to fall in love with your images and maybe have a few favorites in mind when we meet.  We love when our clients make it a date night! Drop the kids off with a babysitter and maybe even go out to dinner after.

When you arrive, we have beverages and a cozy place to sit. We project your images large on our studio wall so they are easily viewable and we can show you wall art sizes to scale. Our viewing program allows for you to see pictures side by side and all together. We have samples of all of our products so that you can feel and see them all up close. It is so fun to actually get to hold a product and decide if it is what you like or not. There will be products that you didn’t notice before your session that you will adore!ProSelect_Minneapolis Baby Photographer_TenTinyToesOnce you decide on a collection, we can help you choose which images to put in albums, in frames, and on your image box. You will love having a choice on everything for your investment.
ProSelect2_Minneapolis Baby Photographer_TenTinyToesWe also have a great program that let’s you see your pictures on your own walls!  Just send us a picture of the wall you want to decorate and we can help you figure out the size of picture/gallery that you would need. Most of us underestimate the size of print we need. 11×14 is surprisingly very small! It is so helpful to see how it would really look and it will all match your decor. You will love this option!

Living Room_Minneapolis Baby Photographer_TenTinyToesWe really love helping our clients make the most of their images through this unique experience and they love it as well!  It’s so much easier to have the dedicated time set aside to make these important decisions with professional guidance and our artistic eye than to try to figure it all out on your own.  We can’t wait to see you at your next ordering session!

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